Utilizing a structured process that integrates with all available and current governmental programs, we work to deliver a client experience that is thorough and accurate. By gathering accurate client information, we will provide repayment options with lower monthly payments along with potential principle and interest forgiveness.

    Step 1

  • We listen to your desired objectives, be it lower payments, reducing the number of monthly payments, locking in a fixed interest rate, repairing your credit, or accomplishing loan forgiveness.

  • Step 2

  • The Student Loan Pro gathers your specific loan amounts, types of loans and income information.

  • Step 3

  • The advisor reviews with you and explains all of the repayment plans for which you qualify.

  • Step 4

  • Our fees are fully disclosed and explained in order to accomplish your desired objectives.

  • Step 5

  • Relevant information to the Consolidation process is then verified, documented, and submitted with your application.

  • Step 6

  • You are provided with processing updates via email until the Consolidation is approved by the government.